Oakland, CA 
Oakland High School Lunch Shelter
Oakland High School Lunch Shelter
Oakland High School Lunch Shelter

Photographer: Eric Rorer

Lunch Expansion


To accommodate approximately 850 lunches in one lunch period of 40 minutes, S Meek was asked to retrofit the cafeteria servery and provide new outdoor eating and seating areas. Scattering the available sheltered lunch area options around the site allows for a measure of choice that the young adults are ready for.


The idea of the alumni wall grew out an investigation of the school’s storied history and the Principal's request to strengthen the school identity. We developed a concept intended to inspire student curiosity in the Notable OHS Alum. The imprint of famous names such as Julia Morgan, Jack London, and David Carradine, and the names of true humanitarians and civil servants like Nellie Wong and Edwin Meese, infuses the hardscape with the feeling of OHS legacy, past and future.


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